The 10 Day Follow-up Plan

Mar 17, 2021

Do you have a dedicated follow-up plan that you follow with each and every customer?

Is your follow-up process as structured as your sales process?

Why not?

Structured, value-based follow-up is one of the most neglected parts of selling and the majority of salespeople plain SUCK AT IT!

Don’t suck. Build a plan and follow it.

Lucky for you, we are here to help.

We have built a 10 Day Follow-up Plan that you can use with each and every customer you interact with.

Day 0 – Same Day Contact

Within the hour of contact. Call or text them.

  • “Thank you for the opportunity it was a pleasure meeting with you.”
  • “Any additional questions come up? What did I miss?”
  • “If everything was perfect? On a scale of 1–10 where you do sit?”

Day 1 – The 24 Hour Contact

The next day you text, email or drop a video message to the prospect. In this meeting you can share different options or solutions you came up with to help them solve their problem.

  • Promise your customer you will run 2 free trainings for them as part of your package which is something you don’t normally do. Then when it comes time to deliver, run 3-4 free trainings instead and overdeliver on your promise.

Day 2 – The 48 Hour Contact

Write a handwritten letter followed up by text and email.

  • “It was great meeting you! I appreciate the opportunity to earn your business and wanted to send you some additional information on the (product) you were looking at (include a brochure or one pager, etc).”

Day 3 – The 72 Hour Contact

Send a selfie video/walkaround video.

  • “Hey (name), I wanted to show you this amazing feature on the (product) you were looking at. Check it out!”

Day 4 – The 96 Hour Contact

Value added follow-up sent via an email/text.

  • “(Name), I wanted to send you this document that includes the top 10 ways to maintaine your (produce).

Day 5 – The 120 Hour Contact

Thought of you when I saw this follow-up. Send a text, email or physical mail. Do not include anything about the deal, this is purely a touch point to provide value beyond the sale and is a good relationship builder.

  • “I came across this (list the thing) and thought of you. Take a look and I hope you enjoy!” (tip: make this more personal – about their hobby, etc)

Day 10 – The 10 Day Contact

Use phone call/text/email/physical card to communicate with the prospect and invite them to an upcoming event. Either one your company is hosting or another one that they would be interested in.

  • “We have a great event coming up OR I know this great event is coming up and I wanted to invite you and your spouse to attend.”

Remember, follow-up is the holy grail of selling. It must be done well; it must be done consistently, and it must be done creatively.

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Be Great,