Your Customer’s Attitude

May 25, 2021

Your customer’s attitude: Whose responsibility is it?

The professional salesperson takes full responsibility for not only their own attitude, but the client’s as well.

How do you change a customer’s attitude?

Best Practices
1. Have a great attitude
2. Offer more information
3. Have a sense of humour
4. Understand where the customer is coming from and what the customer is saying
5. Have confidence in your product
6. Have a no problem attitude
7. Reassure the customer


Power Word Tracks:

Client: “I need to do this with no money down.”
Sales Professional: “I’d be happy to do that for you.” 

    Client: “I need your best price”
    Sales Professional: “Can I also get you estimates on monthly payments, down payments and financing numbers?”

    Client: “I have bad credit and I do not want to use a co-signer”
    Sales Professional: Excellent! I guarantee you I can get this done for you!” 

    Client: “I need to shop around before making a decision – so I’m sure I’m getting a good price.”
    Sales Professional: You know what? That is a smart thing to do! Let me handle it for you to be sure you do get the best price.

    Client: “What do you mean?”
    Sales Professional: I’ll handle the shopping for you. I’m going to go collect prices from the competition and get them to you so you can compare our price. That’s how confident I am in our offer.” 

    Client: “Can you get mine delivered by Tuesday of next week?”
    Sales Professional: Sir, I’m confident I can get it delivered by Tuesday. And if I can’t get it delivered by Tuesday, I’ll tell you what I’ll do….”

    Client: “We’re not buying today!”
    Sales Professional: “I understand you’re not buying today sir, most people don’t buy when they come in here the first time. Most people come in and get information, go home and come back later.”

    Client: “I have to have my payments at ______!!!  I can not go over that number!
    Sales Professional:
    “Sir, I guarantee you, I can do that. And IF I can’t get it handled, I guarantee you, nobody in the state and nobody in the country can get it handled… but me!”

    Client: “We’re not making a decision today.”
    Sales Professional:
    Sir, I understand and the reality is, if you don’t make a decision here today, while you’re here, on one of our products, it’ll be my fault, not yours.”


    How much do you think this information is worth to you?
    ZERO, if it’s not used and applied!
    So what is the best way to learn to apply these strategies?
    By Drilling and Role Playing everyday.
    Here is an example of how to role play that can get you started:

    Be Great,