A full pipeline solves all problems

Aug 27, 2021

A full pipeline can solve all problems as a sales person or as a business owner.

This is NOT to be confused with “The Customer is Always Right.” We all know that is not true.
    1. The customer doesn’t show up.
    2. The appointment cancels at the last minute.
    3. Prospect says to never call them again.
    4. You get hung up on 5 times in a row
Most people would feel depressed after these things happen to them. I mean let’s be honest having any of those things happen to you would suck.
BUT, the reality is the person with a FULL pipeline, one that is overflowing with prospects and opportunities would be way less impacted by such things. 


Because they have so many other opportunities on the table that losing a few does not matter as much. 

Here are four key ways you can keep your pipeline full: 

    1. Use your powerbase – use your current network of people that you know to get referrals and add new prospects to your pipeline.
    2. Allocate time each day for prospecting – most salespeople do NOT make prospecting their #1 priority when it should be. Block out time in your calendar each day to prospect.
    3. Ask for referrals – from EVERY customer and EVERY prospect ask for referrals. Ask early and ask often. Use your current pipeline to expand your pipeline.
    4. Get creative – to keep your pipeline full, you have to stay in front of your current prospects to keep them engaged and interested. Find unique, fun and creative ways to stay relevant. 
Be Great,