5 tips on how to increase your appointment show rate

Sep 2, 2021

We’re sure you would agree that booking an appointment with a prospect and getting the prospect to actually show up are two different things. 

We understand the frustration that comes with a prospect ‘no showing’ an appointment and is why we put together these 5 tips on how to increase your appointment show rate.

1. The Appointment Lock Statement
Ask the prospect “Any reason other than a zombie apocalypse (other something funny) that you wouldn’t be able to make it?”
2. Calendar Invite
Email a calendar invite to the prospect while on the call or immediately after. 
3. Selfie Video
Send a selfie video to the prospect immediately after the call to put a face to the name, introduce your team, do a quick tour of your business or showcase the product/service you will be showing them. 
4. Manager Confirmation
Have your manager do a third party touch and call the prospect 60 minutes later to reconfirm the appointment. 
5. Same Day Confirmation
The day of the appointment send a confirmation to the prospect and assume they are showing up, “Excited for our meeting today, I will have everything ready for your arrival.”
Use these 5 things each and every time you book an appointment and we can promise you will see an improvement in your show rate.