Make Cold Calling Easier and Less Scary

Nov 9, 2021

Making cold calls is a difficult job, no question about it. 
If you are in the field of sales you know exactly what we are talking about it. Making cold calls is a scary thing for the majority of the population. 

BUT, there are ways to make cold calling easier and less scary.

The key is to be prepared with the correct knowledge about making these calls and part of this knowledge is having the proper script. 
Most sales calls start something like this: “Hey this is Jim from ABC Company, ya got a minute?” 
This is usually followed by a loud click as the prospect hangs up. 
Don’t fall into this trap! 
Try these word tracks instead:
1. “Hey John, Ryan here from Grant Cardone Canada, I’m sure you’re probably in the middle of something and I know you weren’t expecting my call so I’ll keep it quick ok?”
2. Hi Sally, Ryan here from Grant Cardone Canada. I know you weren’t expecting my call and you likely have a full calendar for the day so I’ll keep this super quick ok?”
These word tracks allow you to confront the objection up front and they provide a time constraint to the prospect so they know the call isn’t going to take forever. 
Try these out today and watch how much easier making those calls become! 

Be Great! 
Cardone Canada