Cold Calling Is Dead?!?!

Jan 24, 2022


?  Cold calling is only dead for those people making click bait videos and for those who have never picked up the phone before or who aren’t skilled at making cold calls.

The reality is that cold calling is far from dead.

It’s actually slowly becoming a long-lost art that fewer and fewer people are learning which makes it a competitive advantage for many companies and salespeople. To give you some numbers that cold calling is alive and well, our Grant Cardone Canada business was originally started out of our CEO’s one bedroom condo with NO marketing, NO website and NO ads. It was all started from the cold call.

The results

? ? $2.6 million in sales in the first year of business ALL through the cold call. ? ? 

Cold calling is an extremely powerful tool when done correctly and can help explode your business in the best way possible. ?

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