The Importance of Coaching

Apr 6, 2022

If you have not seen the Documentary Series ‘Last Dance’ on Netflix then you need to check it out! It is all about Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls team making a final run for a championship.

It’s a phenomenal series that showcases the players lives, the relationships between the team members and the ups and downs of being a professional on the biggest stage in the world.
It also showcases the extremely important relationship between player and coach, specifically Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson.
This relationship was one that won championship after championship and was so important to a superstar like Michael Jordan that he refused to play for the Bulls under any other head coach.

Long story short, Michael Jordan, the greatest player in the world understood the important of having a strong coach; a coach who helped him improve his craft and become a better player.
In the world of sales and business, having a coach is just as important as in sports.

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