1 Simple Question to Ask Every Client

May 11, 2022

If you came to visit our office and you listened to the sales floor, you would hear 1 simple question asked to every client during one of our demos with them.
Have you seen enough to make a decision?
Why? Simple…
Because we want to know if the client has seen enough to make a decision.
They make the decision to buy in their mind before they let us know.
Many sales people keep talking past the close.
Keep it simple!
Show them a couple of features, show them a couple of advantages and benefits.
Then ask your customer;
Have you seen enough to make a decision?
Do that and let us know how this Actionable Tip #1 HELPED YOU in the close!
Drop us a DM or tag us on Instagram @g.c.canada with your success story and we will give you a shoutout