The Best Way to Handle Customer Stalls

May 15, 2022

You ever hear this from your clients in the close?
“I want to think about it”
“We got to wait a bit”
Yup… you’re hearing the dreaded STALL!
But don’t worry, the deal’s not dead, there is a way to keep the sale alive and handle stalls.
The way to do it…
Get them back on the problem they are trying to solve.
Our response to the stall looks like this;
“No problem, we can push it off, we can wait, it is all good.” – be in agreement
“Let me ask you a question, 90 days after you’ve bought and started using our product, what problem does it solve for you?
This question will get 1 of 2 responses.
First Response:
They understand the benefits of our product and state how it will benefit their business to which we always respond,
“Great, basically that’s XX benefit from this product that you are losing without this, so we could wait, but what I propose is we take time out of the equation and put XX benefit into your business and let’s move forward.”
Second Response:
You determine they do not feel your product will solve any problem for their business.
Which is great because now you know that your customer is NOT CLEAR about what your product will do for them.
You’ll still need to do some work to determine what problem it is they are trying to solve.
You want to find out “Are we even focusing on the right problem?” AND is this customer aware of the cost of NOT doing business?
Do that and let us know how today’s actionable tip HELPED YOU in the close!
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