Do you struggle with setting solid appointments that actually show up?

Nov 28, 2022

Do you struggle with setting solid appointments that actually show up?

These tips will help you increase your appointment show:

  1. Get the decision makers AND influencers on the call.
    Sounds obvious but too many salespeople spend time selling the wrong person or they avoid including key influencers in their process altogether. Don’t make this mistake so try this key question to help out: who else other than yourself would you want on this call/demo to get their buy in?

  2. Lock down a specific date and time.
    Offer a specific date and time and get the decision maker to accept the appointment on their calendar while on call with you. This is important because customers can easily say they will show up to their appointment, only to end up being a no-show.
  3. Ask for their cell phone number.
    The cell number is the most important number you can get as a salesperson. You can text them, call them and even send a selfie video to personalize the interaction. Use the cell number to confirm the appointment.  A key word track to use when confirming the appointment is: “any reason other than a zombie apocalypse that you wouldn’t be able to make our appointment?” It’s simple, it’s funny and also ensures your prospect has time on their calendar for you.
  4. Ask the decision maker why they took the appointment.
    Before you end the call with a prospect you can ask the prospect why they agreed to take the demo/presentation with you. This is powerful because the prospect will give you exactly what they are hoping to accomplish on the call and this makes them even more likely to show up – they are essentially selling themselves on showing up.

When you apply these tips, you will increase your appointment show rate and put yourself in a great position to sell more deals.

Watch our YouTube video for more tips on how to increase your appointment show rate.