5 Tips on How to Train New Hires

Dec 6, 2022

Many employers make the mistake of dumping a bunch of information on their employees, which is full of terminology the new employee is not aware of.

You must make sure your employee has a reason and purpose to learn, so that they are motivated to do so and understand the content. When giving them the material to learn from, make sure it isn’t too much for them so that they do not get overwhelmed.

Follow these steps to best train your new hires:

1. Find the reason why they’re learning whatever they’re learning

Make sure the employee understands why they are training and how it is important to them and their life.


2. Avoid overwhelming them

Introduce information bit-by-bit – this will help them absorb everything. This doesn’t mean you have to teach them slowly; rather, teach them in chunks or step-by-step so that they can smoothly follow the learning process.


3. Do not confuse them with terminology they don’t know yet

Give a list of new terminology and definitions – they will understand things quicker and not face burnout. Don’t assume that new employees will know your company’s lingo; instead, take their viewpoint and define things as you’re explaining them through writing.


4. Balance study with observation and practice

Don’t just give manuals or books for them to study from; they need to see the process of their studies being implemented by experts in the field. Have them roleplay or go through mock-experiences with those who have experience.


5. Be tough on their mistakes but validate their good points

Point out their mistakes and make them understand those mistakes, but also highlight what they are doing well. New employees are likely to feel insecure when they first start out, so validation will help them feel more confident and motivated


Ever since we’ve begun implementing these tips in our company, we’ve seen highly satisfied employees that continuously deliver results. The speed of growth in our employees and confidence has drastically increased.

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