The Forgotten Tip for Cold Calling

Dec 6, 2022

What is one of the biggest mistakes people make during cold calling?

Too many people sound unnatural, like they’re reading off of a script, or talking like a robot instead of a person. 

Cold calling needs to involve natural communication. This means, you should have a script for reference, but you should understand what your customer is saying to you and know how to respond in all scenarios.


Talk to your prospects on the phone like you are talking to them in person.

➡️ You need to sound real and professional, and have the script fully memorized

➡️ Practice and role play every day – keep redoing it until you are GREAT


By taking these steps, you will no longer have to read from a paper and make your customer feel like just another person you are trying to sell. You will be able to create genuine and natural communication with your customer, all while following a script to keep the sales process smooth and quick.

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