The ULTIMATE Objection Handling Drill

Dec 6, 2022

MASTER objection handling with this rapid-fire objection drill!

Have you ever heard any of the following objections from your customers?


➡️ “I don’t take calls”

➡️ “I gotta go”

➡️ “I’m not interested”

➡️ “You’re too expensive”

➡️ “I’ve tried this before and it didn’t work”

➡️ “I gotta talk to my business partner”

➡️ “We’re good”

➡️ “This is not for me”

➡️ “Call me back”

➡️ “I need to think about it”

➡️ “My accountant needs to look at it”


The more you practice how to handle customer objections through your role-play, the better you will communicate with your customer and find the right product for them.

Your goal should be to handle your customers’ objections without thought and follow up the objections with questions. By doing so, you create certainty in the buyer’s mind and establish good communication.

You should not fear objections, because they indicate that the customer is interested and that you are getting closer to the real reason why the customer does not want to buy from you.

Handle your objections properly, and you will be CRUSHING your sales like never before.


This LIVE rapid fire objections drill covers the above 11 common sales objections that can be used as a script for your daily role-play: