Top 3 Questions to Ask Interviewees in Their Next Job Interview

Dec 6, 2022

Finding the right employee for your company is difficult when you don’t conduct an effective interview. That is why we created a list of the top 3 questions to ask interviewees in a job interview.


1. How do you feel about your past employers?

➡️ The way the interviewee speaks about their past employers will be how they speak about your company and you to others.


2. Say you stop at a stop sign and someone rear ends you, whose fault is that?

➡️ You should always test the interviewee’s responsibility level and who they will blame when something goes wrong. This answers whether the potential employee would be a good team player.


3. What are your goals? (The ambition test)

➡️ Probe on what kind of goals the interviewee has. A good and trainable employee has a set of goals so that they can grow in their job.

➡️ Asking about their goals will give you a sense of whether the interviewee is a good fit for your company or not.


Watch this video to learn which questions are effective in exploring these topics, and book a FREE strategy call with us today to develop a plan on hiring the best of the best in your team: