Learn all about the various events we offer throughout the year!

Grant Cardone Canada offers a number of live in-person events throughout the year to help train, educate, empower and motivate you and your team. Some of these are local events held within various cities in Canada and others are international events held in several cities throughout the US.

Here is a list of some of our events:

10x growth conference

3-Day Conference 

Every year, the 10x Growth Conference bring the foremost authorities in their fields to share the information and strategies of tomorrow with you for three days of high-impact and actionable plans designed for immediate implementation in your business and life.

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10x business bootcamp

3-Day Intensive Workshop in Miami

Grant & the 10X team will give you everything you need to grow your business and double your sales in 60 days. This 3-day workshop covers everything from the nuts and bolts of getting more sales to turning advertising into profit. You’ll get three days of carefully designed content to amplify your vision and grow your business to the next level!

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cardone group Management Workshop

4-Day Management Workshop

This Quarterly Workshop held in Orlando, Florida will take your management team’s understanding of the sales process to a level of competency that will result in implementation and execution of the information based sales process. They will be challenged to step into a leadership role by taking ownership of the information so they can address it with confidence and passion.

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on-boarding & new hire training

2-4 Day Training Event

The proper on-boarding and training of new sales staff is one of the most overlooked and costly areas in most businesses. In fact, a bad hire who stays less than 6 months costs a company $25,000 on average. This is why after years of onboarding and training thousands of new sales staff and working with hundreds of clients across the country we have built a live 3 day on-boarding and training session for new sales hires. This training is unlike any new hire training ever created and it incorporates a wide variety of learning mediums including but not limited to: video learning, speaker sessions, role playing and drills, group breakout sessions, case studies, games and prizes. It helps new sales hires look at their jobs in a new way and provides them with the basic skills they need to succeed at their jobs in the shortest amount of time possible.

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