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Tyalta Equipment

Craig, Owner

Sigma Promotions

Nikki, CEO

Gopher Industrial

David, CEO

Leibel Insurance

Travis, COO

Flooring Superstore

Steph, Ryan, Brandon, Owners & Sales Rep

Sigma Promotions

Amanda, Sales Rep

Black Card U

Garret, Sales Rep


Jana, Owner

North Group

Amy, Owner

Robertson Implements

Doug, Sales Manager

KCB Cabinets

Carl, Owner

 Fine Oak Things

Jon, Owner

Highland Celular

“This program will pay for itself just with the changes that I make to the company. It’ll never cost us a penny. I went through the millionaire training last week. Not sure if this is common knowledge or not – but this is exactly what we did. We started with nothing. It’s exactly what I’ve seen successful people do.”

Mark, Owner

Panel Built

” Huge issue—we’re selling!The content’s really good. Everything is really good. WatchDog is great. People are buying in. Very positive feedback. I personally like it a lot” 

Dave, GM 

4L Communications

“The Cardone Training has taken a lot off of my plate in terms of training my team; sales cycle is shorter, better objection handling, role play is happening daily, closing faster. all team feedback was positive overall”

Stephen, Business Manager

Laservalley Technologies

“It’s been 4 months now, and compared to last year my guys are up 42%. One of my guys is up 70%! The content is incredible and to have another voice than my own (Grant) teaching them the content is incredibly effective. I appreciate everything the team does for me.”

Perry, Owner

Securicom Solutions

“I am usually very skeptical about “self-help”. That is not what Grant is about, it’s more like “help yourself”. These are applied strategies for selling. Not just tricks that will get you the sale but the basic principles of getting to a close. Next time you get on the phone or go to a meeting and you blow it, think about getting the facts from Grant. The course applies to so many levels of business. You can help your sales and technical staff be more effective by serving the client. It will also make their job easier because they are using proven principles researched and documented by someone passionate about sales.”

Dennis, Owner

Absolute Roof Solutions

“Even though it has only been a couple of months now that the team has been using it, we are seeing a huge difference. Especially now being right in the middle of Covid 19. The guys are staying positive, taking massive action and getting sales, just like Grant says to do. I am thankful I signed up before the covid outbreak because I probably wouldn’t have signed up during the outbreak thinking it is an expense I could put off till things got better, and that would have been a mistake. The program won’t do anything to cure the virus but is sure seems like the vaccine for the economic turmoil the virus is creating. We had one of our best sales weeks of the year last week.” 

Doug, Owner

Modern Beauty

“I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate  your team and the Cardone program! We have been working as a team for the last year with your program and it has made such a huge difference in how my team Presents themselves. It’s changed mindset and opens doors for such opportunities, the training has allowed us to really capture the moments we need, push through the ones that used to stunt us and open up endless possibilities! We are so grateful for the support and motivation your staff provides to us and we look forward to the years to come!”

Eric, Sales Manager

KCB Cabinets

These guys are the real deal! I have been working with Ryan and Matt for the past 9 months. I have a staff of 10 people and Cardone Academy training has completely changed the culture in my office. Everyone is upbeat, and they have more drive. Our sales have also increased substantially, and I can see it only growing from there the more we get into the training. Matt and Ryan are top notch guys, with unbelievable integrity, and authenticity. They are with you every step of the way, so you get the most out of your training. I HIGHLY recommend Cardone Canada.”

Carl, Owner

Allseas Fisheries

“The program works. Check out the performance rankings of our team in terms of total revenues and revenue increases in period 5 and YTD. Three of the top 4 reps in period 5 and YTD are active participants in the program. Also the Sales Rep with the lowest sales revenue at the start of the year has the 3rd highest revenue increases as an active participant in the program. In contrast, reps not participating in the program are having a much more difficult year.

Roger, President

RSR Global

“Closed a big dealer group yesterday. With the Cardone training we’ve approached this entirely differently than before. Conversations are better, really following the sales process. What’s been the most helpful lately is consistent follow up, different approaches, text, phone email, and sending tons of information. What sealed yesterday’s deal was: “Do you have information to move forward?” and we were surprised by how easy it was and how quick it worked! We’ve also been assuming the close, having the attitude “we’re closing this today”. Before the pitch, Harmony and I drilled any and all objections we could think of, so we were more than prepared”

Amanda, Vice President

HR Covered

“The [BDR] team is doing very well! This week they hit the target of 65 appointments again which means early Friday off! We are raising the target to 75 appointments next week since it’s getting easier for them.”

Ruth, BDC Manager

Knight Plumbimg

“Just wanted to touch base with yourself and the team and update you on some of the progress we are seeing with our techs. Over the last few months we have definitely seen an increase in consistent training. One of the biggest improvements we have seen is the average ticket total for the month of September this year compared to last year. A 22% increase!! It is amazing!! We will continue to work towards bigger and better things and work at increasing the total number of techs that are continuously training on a daily basis.”

Dave, Service Manager