Vision & Mission

Understand what our values are and the impact we are striving to achieve.


Our vision is….

….an individual who produces at new levels and is able to better provide for themselves, their family, their community and their country.

….a company that continues to grow and hits new milestones because they have the right information.

….a society that rewards high production and is ethical in its dealings.

….a world where companies and salespeople thrive because they have the right tools to succeed.


To positively transform companies by providing sales leaders and salespeople with the very best business and sales training so that they can become masters of their crafts, build unified cultures and drive revenue and profit so they can help build a better future. 



We approach every relationship with clients, staff and vendors with an overdeliver mentality; we are committed to providing value above and beyond what is expected.

Value First

We do not expect people to trust us on our word. We build relationships by offering value first and work to provide a tangible benefit before we look for an exchange. We always aim to prove our value in advance.

Ethics of the Military

We look at the success of our stakeholders as an ethical obligation. We aim to always do the right thing even if it is the more difficult approach. We run a disciplined and highly ethical team that resembles that of the military; the military of the marketplace!

Be the Stream

We built our business on being creatively and enthusiastically persistent. We look at ourselves as the stream that eventually wears away the rock. We work tirelessly to ensure the success of our clients and staff.

Culture of a Sports Team

We embrace the philosophy of a games and competition minded organization that aims to compete and win every day. We strive to have a fun, exciting yet results based organization that helps people magnify their success.


At Grant Cardone Canada we echo Grant’s sentiment that ‘greatness doesn’t come without training.’ Our philosophy is based around ‘build and develop your people and those people will build and develop your company.’ We take this approach not only in our business but also in our clients’ businesses.

We firmly believe that by providing a vehicle for individuals to better themselves, to learn new skills and to be challenged, that they will work harder, be more committed and produce more than those simply showing up to collect a pay cheque.

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